In Pursuit of Sustainability and Carbon Emissions Reduction

Southern Parallel and British Columbia operations prioritize best forest management practices and resource efficiency in timber sourcing and manufacturing.

“Maximizing utilization of wood fiber is simply the right thing to do”……..Pat Glazier, Co-owner

The Parallel Lumber Group is committed to responsible and higher use of wood fiber every step of the way. It is our contribution to carbon emissions reduction, social, economic, and environmental sustainability is contingent on it. This strategic approach provides long term employment, job creation and positive impacts on communities.

In pursuit of sustainability and carbon emissions reduction, we are committed to sound forest management practices, high levels of utilization, developing and using innovative technologically in our manufacturing processes, and investing in our people and the communities we operate.
We increase utilization of wood fiber by harvesting and chipping poor quality undersize logs that cannot be used for lumber and would otherwise be left on site and burned at roadside, using trim ends from sawmills to produce value-added finger joint studs, and by selling our residuals from each process to producers of pellets, energy, and pulp.

Robert MacCarthy, EFF’s regional manager commented on the good work. “On any given block, we can extract up to 50 per cent additional volume in the form of pulp logs. There is immense overall benefit to the public in making sure the fiber is brought in and utilized.”