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We are an industry leader in manufacturing quality performance products and providing customer service excellence. “Being the best attracts the best!”

We are a diversified and innovative company with operations in Canada and the United States. Our finger joint studs and dimensional lumber products supply home builders of multifamily, single family, modular and manufactured housing, and tiny homes. We supply many other customers including truss manufacturers, treaters, wall panel manufacturers, and several other builders. We continue to explore new products to meet our customer needs.

Our residuals from our operations are supplied to energy, pulp, and pellet manufacturers.

We value our long-term relationships with resource partners, customers, our people, and the communities they live and operate in.

“Our company is committed to practicing increased utilization in all of our processes, in concert with a dedication to leadership in forest stewardship and sustainability. This belief just makes good business sense.”
– Richard Glazier, Owner

Choosing the Right Products

High-Quality, Strong, and Environmentally Friendly Building Materials for a Range of Construction Projects
Western Spruce Pine Fir DfirN #2 / Stud & Premiums Finger Joint Studs

Utilizing blocks from SPF sawmills, we produce Stud Grade and #2 Finger Joint Value-Added Vertical Use Products.

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) #2 Finger Joint Studs

Utilizing blocks from SYP sawmills, we produce #2 Finger Joint Value-Added Vertical Use Products.

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) Lumber Products

Manufacturing quality dimensional products for various end uses.

Southern Yellow Pine Decking

Southern Yellow Pine decking is known for its natural beauty and strength and is an excellent choice for any size deck.

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