Embrace Safety, Shape Success

Commitment to Safety and Enduring Success

Embracing a Culture of Safety

Simply stated, “Safety is who we are”. Safety is about people, their lives and well-being, and that is our starting point. Providing a safe working environment is at the forefront of our design and manufacturing processes. Meeting or exceeding safety standards is our top priority.

How Safety Defines Our Success

Safety performance at the Parallel Lumber Group is all about ongoing commitment to building a culture of safety across the organization.

Comprehensive safety orientation training for all new employees and contractors, and on-the-job training for every employee is the foundation of our rigorous safety program.

Our program is further enhanced through process design and technology. Together, we strive to be an industry leader with a bright future. Safety defines our success.

Safety Only Takes a Few Minutes; Injuries Can Last a Lifetime

Safety Initiative

Our Canadian operations within East Fraser Fiber Co. Ltd. and Parallel Wood Products Ltd., have achieved SAFE certification through the BC Forest Safety Council. Although we celebrate our accomplishments, it is not something we rest on. We view it as having achieved a safety management system standard that shows we are trending in the right direction, but we have work to do. The audit results provide us with one more benchmark from which we improve our safety performance.

Southern Parallel and Parallel 33 strive to create a safety and health program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses. Our purpose is to comply with all OSHA-related laws that apply to our industry. We promote open communications to address any conditions in the work area that could potentially produce an unsafe environment. Our focus will always be to create the safest environment possible for our employees, vendors, and visitors.

At Parallel Lumber Group, we believe that investing in our employees’ growth goes hand-in-hand with upholding the highest safety standards.


Office Administrator

“You spend 8 hours a day at work which is more than you spend with your family at home. That’s why it is so important to love your job. I love mine and the people I work with…11 years and counting. ”


Stacker Operator East Fraser Fiber Co. Ltd

“East Fraser has given me the chance to work in several positions, choose one that suits me best, and has always been very accommodating when assigning shift schedules.”



“I love working at Parallel because it is good old-fashioned hard work coupled with an awesome team spirit that brings a great sense of accomplishment and self-pride when the day is done. Even if the day isn’t running smoothly we can all count on each other to make the best of any situation. Go Team Parallel …We Rock!”