Our Commitment to Diversity, Excellence, and Employee Satisfaction

We celebrate the unique culture of our individual companies, and the commonalities they share. Diversity is our strength. Our employees and management strive for excellence, “A better way every day.” With that comes ambition and the determination to remain the best.

A great number of employees have built their careers with us. The contributions made by our employees, along with their loyalty and dedication, has kept us moving forward, down-to-earth, and strong. Management encourages and provides an environment where our employees can thrive, feel cared for, and where a sense of safety and belonging stays with them long after they finish their shift.

Our Focus on Innovation, Efficiency, and Sustainability

Our group of companies continue to lead the way in innovation. Increasing efficiency, producing quality products that our customers value, and not losing sight of the enormous contribution our employees make are our primary goals.

Our legacy is about adding value for our customers, people, and the communities in which we operate. It is about making the most out of every piece of wood in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way.

Having a forward-looking attitude is our advantage. We develop and install some of the most technologically advanced equipment of its kind and continue to lead the industry.

The Appreciation & Dedication of Our Employees

Diligent cost management, reinvesting in people and plants, listening to our employees and customers, and being responsive to what we hear speaks volumes about the culture of opportunity the management and employees have created.

One day, an extraordinary package arrived at the administrative office for the Canadian companies in the Parallel Lumber Group. It was addressed to the company’s owners and signed by every employee of the finger joint plant in Williams Lake. They simply wanted to say “thank you” for all the extra considerations they had been shown over the years. With that, they each offered a half day of their own time, at no cost to the company.

Hear from Our Dedicated Employees

“East Fraser has a family style culture with plenty of opportunities to advance and challenge yourself. Since working here, I have formed many meaningful connections and seen what good teamwork can accomplish. I look forward to coming to work everyday; there is a safe and encouraging environment where you can grow and push yourself. It is very apparent there is a lot of thought and care that goes into every aspect of the EFF community.”

Tyler Currie

East Fraser Fiber Co. Finger Joint Plant
Mackenzie, BC


Safety is at the forefront of our design and manufacturing processes. From milling to finished products, meeting safety standards is our top priority.


The heart and soul of our operations are our people. We have an outstanding workforce of highly skilled individuals. Being the best helps us attract the best. And we work hard to keep them.


Our products are straighter and more stable than conventional sawn lumber of the same dimension, grade and species. And we make more efficient use of our forest resources.